Caring For Rabbits

Caring For Rabbits

Spay & Neuter

If your rabbit is not spayed or neutered, please consider having this important surgery performed on your pet. Your rabbit will not become fat and lazy or lose his personality after the surgery. In fact, your bunny will be happier and healthier for it. In addition, unspayed female rabbits have a very high risk of uterine cancer. Spaying or neutering your rabbit will allow him or her to enjoy the company of another rabbit without contributing to the domestic rabbit overpopulation problem. By having your pet spayed or neutered, you will be indirectly saving the lives of shelter rabbits by not producing new litters.

You can visit a qualified vet to have your pet fixed. Also, the following organizations offer low cost Spay & Neuter Services in Florida.

Underhill Animal Hospital

4900 Lake Underhill Road

Orlando, FL


Several rabbit rescues use this clinic.

Florida Affordable Veterinary Services

Rockledge, FL

With this program you buy a certificate that entitles you to a spay or neuter at one of the vets with whom they work. ORCA rabbits have used this program.

(321)-463-FAVS (3287)

Marcum Road Animal Hospital – Neuters only

131 Marcum Road

Lakeland, FL


Dade City Animal Clinic (between Orlando and Tampa)

13117 US 301

Dade City, FL


Humane Society of Tampa Bay

3607 North Armenia Ave

Tampa, FL


spay and neuter

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