An organization dedicated to the health, care and enjoyment of house rabbits as family members.
Attention: RHDV2 It is HIGHLY contagious and deadly. Learn how to protect your rabbit.
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Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions, Inc., a federally recognized tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, is a rescue and educational organization dedicated to the health, care and enjoyment of house rabbits. We believe that pet rabbits are family members and should be housed indoors, should be fed a healthy diet, should be spayed or neutered, and should receive quality medical care. Our organization strives to provide bunny parents with information to help them care for their rabbit as well as offer an outlet to meet and talk with others who share an interest in pet rabbits. We also offer education to the public on proper care of pet rabbits.

Is a Bunny Right for My Family?

Rabbits make wonderful house pets! They can be litter box trained and are very sociable. Rabbits live an average of ten years and need the same dedication as it would take to have a cat or dog. Is owning a Rabbit right for you and your family? Maybe you are unsure and might be interested in fostering a Rabbit instead? Learn the difference and see what might be right for you!

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