Caring For Rabbits

Caring For Rabbits

Toys & Chews

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Toys are an essential form of enrichment for rabbits. They help fight boredom, help trim their teeth, and offer a fantastic way to bond with your rabbit. Look for toys that encourage natural rabbit behavior, such as chews and items they can toss, run through, hide in, or dig in.

Check your rabbit's toys regularly to ensure there are no small or loose parts that could cause a choking hazard. Small wooden balls or small wooden items are not recommended.

  • Binky Bunny - "Since 1987, BinkyBunny and The Busy Bunny have manufactured edible toy treats for pet rabbits. Now with over 150 unique products designs just for rabbits, we are the go-to store for safe, fun toys and noms. BinkyBunny purchased The Busy Bunny in 2016 and consolidated products and knowledge under one roof - Combined--adds up to 47+ years of Bunny Business! This is not just a business --this is a passion as we are animal lovers with a special place for bunnies in our heart. "
  • 101 Rabbits - "101Rabbits™️ exists to promote healthy and happy rabbit care. We offer online education resources and hand selected products for house rabbit owners. We take a rabbit's health, comfort and enrichment needs, along with functional needs like cleaning into consideration when we hand-select any product for our shop."
  • Small Pet Select - "We are a small family-owned company. We provide farm fresh essentials for your small pet. Each product is handpicked by our family with love and care. We ship directly to your furry friends from the fields to your door. We believe when it comes to pets, quality should never be compromised. "

Great rabbit toys found on Amazon:

Pellet Dispensing balls


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Snack Board



tunnel toy

Snuffle Mat


DIY Toys

DIY toy

Bunnies Need Enrichment:

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