Caring For Rabbits

Caring For Rabbits

Other Pets and Rabbits

Can rabbits be friends with dogs or cats? Yes, with some patience and the right personality of all animals involved, rabbits can become friends with dogs or cats. Rabbits who are good candidates for a canine or feline friend are:

  1. outgoing
  2. confident
  3. relaxed
  4. easy-going

Traits that make dogs and cats good candidates for a rabbit friend include:

  1. LOW prey drive
  2. follows basic commands well
  3. calm and submissive attitude
  4. adult age (puppies and kittens are too rambunctious)

Introduction Tips

Never allow a dog or cat to meet a rabbit that is not inside an exercise pen. Allow the dog or cat to explore the outside of the pen while the rabbit is inside the pen. For dogs, it is best to have them on a leash during introductions for quick corrections. Holding a cat in your lap is a safe way to allow them to feel secure while giving you control if the introduction does not go as planned

Once you feel comfortable, you can put the dog in the exercise pen while the rabbit gets to free roam to see how they respond. Keep sessions short and gradually extend them. Proceed slowly, do not jump into the second meet and greet by letting the animals free roam, even if they seemed to get along the first time. Watch for any aggressive or chasing behaviors.

Once they are friends, always supervise interactions, even if they are getting along. Always feed in separate areas and never allow your dog or cat to chase your rabbit, even during play.

Never allow your rabbit near a cat litter box that contains clumping litter. Clumping cat litter is dangerous to rabbits, as they are likely to ingest it. Ingesting it will cause a deadly intestinal blockage. You can use kiln-dried pine litter for both your rabbit and cat.

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