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There is no substitute for medical care for a sick rabbit and there are no at-home treatments. If your rabbit is sick, it must see a qualified rabbit vet as soon as possible. Responsible pet ownership means taking a sick bunny to a vet. Rabbits become ill and feel pain, just like you and I so please don't look for home remedies when only a vet can diagnose and treat your bunny.

Veterinary medical schools typically do not cover rabbits as a required species, veterinarians interested in rabbit medicine must learn about rabbits elsewhere, such as by attending conferences and completing continuing education modules, and working with rabbit rescue groups. Because rabbit medicine is specialized, you can expect to pay more for an office visit and procedures such as spays and neuters.

Our aim is to include veterinarians who have demonstrated competency with the medicine and surgery of rabbits, and who take the time to educate themselves. The following vets have worked with ORCA members and friends. This is not a complete list of rabbit-savvy vets in Central Florida.

If you are interested in using a veterinarian not on the list, please do your own careful research on the veterinarian. Ask him or her questions to make sure you are comfortable taking your rabbit to that veterinarian. Finally, do not assume that because one veterinarian at an animal hospital is experienced with rabbits, all of the associates are, as well. If you call for an appointment, and are offered an appointment with an associate you do not know, insist on seeing the vet you asked for. When calling, please indicate you received their veterinary listing from ORCA. Remember that choosing a vet is an important, personal decision and you should always meet with or talk to the vet to make sure you are comfortable with his or her experience and procedures prior to your first visit with your bunny.

There are low cost vets that offer services to have your pet fixed. Learn more about Spaying & Neutering your pet and where you can find these locations.

Animal Eye Associates

Maitland: 9901 S US Highway 17/92

Waterford Lakes: 11011 Lake Underhill Rd

(407) 629-0044

Coastal Animal Hospital

545 Gus Hipp Blvd

Rockledge, FL 32955

(321) 632-3800

East Orange Animal Hospital

11937 East Colonial Dr

Orlando, FL 32826

(407) 275-3856

Eastside Veterinary Hospital

15016 Pine Valley Blvd

Clermont, FL 34711

(352) 394-6624

Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando

1717 E Michigan St

Orlando, FL 32806

(407) 286-3484

Florida Affordable Veterinary Services

1978 US-1 Suite 105

Rockledge, FL 32955

(321) 463-FAVS (3287)

Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital

115 Euclid Ave

Deland, FL 32724

(386) 734-9899

Kirkman Road Veterinary Clinic

38 South Kirkman Rd

Orlando, FL 32811

(407) 297-7528

Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital

1482 N Ronald Reagan Blvd

Longwood, FL 32750

(407) 767-0606

St. Charles Veterinary Hospital

2360 North Blvd West

Davenport, Florida, 33837

(863) 438-6600

West End Animal Care Clinic

4427 13th St

St. Cloud, FL 34769

(407) 498-3080

*Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions, Inc. (ORCA) makes NO CLAIMS regarding these veterinarians.

  • How Can I Be Added to the ORCA Veterinarian Listings?

    Please contact us for more information on being added to our recommended vet list.

  • Animal Behaviorist

  • Compounding Pharmacies

    Compounding pharmacies can add bunny-favorite flavorings to medications to make them easier to administer. An example is banana-flavored Baytril. Your veterinarian must call in any prescriptions.

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