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Fostering a Rabbit

Updated - 07.22.21

Complete our application to start the process.

Our goal is to place our rescued rabbits into loving environments.

Before you decide to foster a rabbit, please consider the following:

  • Rabbits are considered an “exotic” species which might require the services of a qualified vet.
  • Do you understand that a rabbit's temperament and behavior is not like that of a dog or cat?
  • Can you afford the expenses of food (pellets and fresh greens)  hay, litter, toys, and all the other expenses that come with fostering a rabbit?
  • Will your other pets and those you plan to get in the future get along with the rabbit?

We take the fostering of our rabbits very seriously and are dedicated to finding the right environment for each rabbit.  Our fostering policy is as follows:

  • When a rabbit is fostered, the primary caregiver must be a responsible adult.
  • If the rabbit is going to be alone and without the company of people for most of the day, we recommend the fostering of a second companion rabbit.
  • If your situation changes in which the fostered rabbit needs to be returned, please give us advance notice as preparations need to be made to accept the rabbit back.  Please use common sense and courtesy when returning a rabbit.
  • We may ask to do a home inspection prior to placing the rabbit to the foster home.

We always need fosterers, even if only for a few days.  If you are interested in fostering, short- or long-term, please complete the Application to Foster.

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