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bunny_memberThank you for your interest in Orlando Rabbit Care (ORCA). We are a group of adult bunny lovers in Central Florida who are dedicated to the health, care, and enjoyment of house rabbits. We promote and support housing bunnies indoors as family members and within an air-conditioned/heated area of the home.

Become a member for just $25.00 and receive a membership kit with articles, discounts, coupons and giveaways; enjoy get-togethers with other bunny enthusiasts, participate in a our discussion list and more!

Our members are bunny parents who share their enjoyment of bunnies with others who understand bunny love. Whether a new or seasoned bunny parent, our members enjoy discounts, coupons, giveaways, educational sessions and social get togethers.


Our meetings are business and educational in nature and can include a rabbit-savvy veterinarian or rabbit educator. We do ask that young children who may be uncomfortable sitting for several hours at a time not attend the meeting. Bunnies should remain in the comfort of their homes and not attend the meeting with you.


ORCA advocates indoor bunnies who are fed a good diet of quality timothy-based pellets and leafy green veggies, enjoy regular out of cage play time, are spayed or neutered, and receive regular checkups and healthcare as needed. We do not recommend or support companion rabbits that are housed outdoors either in a yard or on a back porch. Due to the dangers specific to Florida living, we generally do not recommend that domestic rabbits spend time out of doors.

House rabbits are companion animals that enjoy being in the center of family activity!

  • ORCA is an adult-oriented organization
  • We advocate that house rabbits live INDOORS only within an air conditioned area
  • We do not support housing rabbits outdoors, even on screened porches
  • We do not advocate or support “showing” rabbits
  • We advocate that all rabbits be spayed or neutered unless health reasons dictate otherwise
  • We do NOT SUPPORT intentional breeding, even if its just once, under any circumstances

Membership in ORCA supports a love of companion rabbits and a willingness to learn how to keep them healthy and happy. Our member are willing to assist you with any questions you may have on diet, care, housing, behavior and more. We hope you'll consider joining us!

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Updated - 06.25.17

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Order your bunny food from Orlando Pet Pantry. First time purchasers mention ORCA and Pet Pantry will send us a donation.

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